Atmospheric physics, meteorology and climatology

The Windyn group has been working on atmospheric physics, meteorology and climatology with special regard for the wind, its measurement, forecast and probability of occurrence.

An operational chain for the medium-term wind forecast (with a horizon of up to 3 days) has been implemented, based upon the numerical weather prediction model WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) and the mass-consistent model WINDS nested into the meteorological model to provide the forecast of very high-resolution wind fields.

Operational models for the short-term wind forecast (up to 3 hours) have been implemented based upon statistical techniques. Wind climatology has been studying through classical and advanced statistical methods, mainly focus on the analysis of time series of local measurements or on long-term simulated synthetic time-series; also statistical non-linear methodologies, e.g. based on cluster analysis, have been developed for the identification of the climatological wind regions and the classification of the wind patterns at the meso- and synoptic- scale.