Professor of Structural Engineering and Wind Engineering at the University of Genoa (UNIGE), Member of the Teaching College of the Research Doctorate School of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering at UNIGE, Senior Adviser at the Beijing Jiaotong University. Guest Professor at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and formerly at la Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay. Honorary Professor at the Shijiazhuang Tiedao University and at the South Central University Changsha, China, Honorary Doctor Honoris Causa at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Designated President of the Italian Institute of Welding.


  • 2020 – Elected as Distinguished Fellow of the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI);
  • 2019 – Appointed Honorary Member of the Romanian Association for Wind Engineering;
  • 2019 – Springer publishes the Springer Tract in Civil Engineering “Wind science and engineering: origins, developments, fundamentals and advancements”, by G. Solari (944 pages);
  • 2019 – Invited Talk at TEDxGenova, Italy, The wind engineer, 23 February 2019;
  • 2018 – Appointed Honorary Professor at the Central South University Changsha, China;
  • 2017 – Winner of the 2017 Robert H. Scanlan Medal awarded by the Engineering Mechanics Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers, “for his outstanding contributions to wind engineering and their applications in structural mechanics”;
  • 2017 – Awarded by the European Research Council (ERC) with an Advanced Grant (AdG) 2016 for the Project THUNDERR, “Detection, simulation, modelling and loading of thunderstorm outflows to design wind-safer and cost-efficient struc-tures”: “The PI is a world-renowned expert in wind engineering as illustrated by many awards, invited lectures and successful national and international research projects. Moreover, he has an excellent international network of which several uni-versities are involved in the present project. The panel considers that bringing the knowledge of thunderstorm outflows to the same level as extra-tropical cyclones is ground-breaking. Moreover, the panel highly valued the research methodology, being a combination of wind tunnel experiments, full scale tests on towers, CFD modelling, evaluation of structural response and code development. If successful, the project will have an important impact on the future design of wind-loaded structures”;
  • 2016 – Awarded by the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest, Romania with the honorary Doctor Honoris Causa “as a sign of appreciation for outstanding contributions to the development of wind engineering; for a prestigious academic career, during which he contributed to the formation of many successful engineers and researchers; as a recognition of professional excellence proven by the large number of research projects and complex technical studies on the response of structures to wind action, especially for his vital contribution in establishing the so-lution to secure the opera ‘The Endless Column’ by Constantin Brâncu?i; as an ap-preciation for the support of the international engineering community through ac-tive involvement in the development of international technical committees of na-tional and international standards and professional associations; in recognition of the profound friendship, cooperation and support he provided to the academic and scientific community of the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest”;
  • 2016 – Appointed Honorary Professor at the Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, China;
  • 2015 – Awarded by the International Association for Wind Engineering with the IAWE Key as “IAWE President 2003-2007”;
  • 2014 – Winner of the Raymond C. Reese Research Prize awarded by the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) for the paper “Closed-form prediction of the alongwind-induced fatigue of structures” as published in the September 2012 issue of the Journal of Structural Engineering;
  • 2013 – Elected as Fellow of the Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) by actions of the Board of Governors of EMI;
  • 2013 – Winner of the Otto H.G. Flachsbart Medal awarded by the Windtechnologische Gesellschaft e.V. Germany – Austria – Switzerland, “for his pioneering scientific research work, for fundamental knowledge in the science of wind engineering and for his engagements for the Eurocode and in the European African Wind Engineering Association”. Before him, this medal was awarded to only Alan G. Davenport (2000) and Jack E. Cermak (2007);
  • 2011 – Winner of the 2011 Alan G. Davenport Medal awarded by the International Association for Wind Engineering, “for his many contributions to the modelling of dynamic wind load effects on structures with applications to building structures”;
  • 2006 – Winner of the 2006 Jack E. Cermak Medal awarded by the Structural Engineering Institute and the Engineering Mechanics Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers, “for outstanding contributions to scientific research in wind engineering and to its practical applications”;
  • 2000 – Awarded by the American Association for Wind Engineering, “in appreciation for the many contributions to the development of the ASCE-7 wind load standard”.


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