Structural Dynamics

The Research Group has been studying Structural Dynamics since the end of the 70’s, mainly related to the evaluation of the dynamic response of structures to wind end to seismic actions.
From the beginning of the 90’s, a new research interest was the analysis of non-linear cable dynamics, involving bifurcation analysis and post-critical equilibrium conditions.

From the end of the 90’s, new lines of research concerned the representation of random processes by proper orthogonal decomposition and the Volterra series technique. New research interests are structural health monitoring, structural identification and moving loads.

Lines of Research

Cable Dynamics

The WindDyn Research Group has dealt with nonlinear dynamic problems of suspended cables excited by wind flow, with the proposal of a new model able to consider the influence of the dynamic twist.


Nonlinear dynamics and stability

The Windyn Research Group has been dealing extensively with nonlinear dynamics and stability problems. The main applications concern the analysis of aeroelastic stability, including bifurcation and post-critical behaviour analyses.


Human-induced vibrations of footbridges

The WindDyn Research Group has been working extensively on human-induced vibrations of footbridges. The problem has been dealt with analytically, numerically and experimentally.