Technical studies

2013-2016 – Scientific Responsible for the European Project “Wind, Ports & Sea”
2012 – Member of the Expert Team that supported the Italian National Sailing Team at the London Olymic Games
2009-2013 – Scientific Responsible for the European Project “Wind & Ports”
2010-2013 – Member of the Scientific Committee for the Messina Straits Bridge
2006-2009 – Responsible of the wind hazard analysis of the Italian High-Speed Railway Net-work on behalf of the Italian Railway Company (RFI)
2003-2005 – Member of the Scientific Committee for the Messina Straits Bridge
2002 – Appointed by the Italian Minister of Infrastructures and Transportations as a Member of the Technical-Scientific Committee for planning design activities concerning the Messina Straits Bridge
2001 – Involved to study the wind-induced behaviour of the Brancusi Endless Column, Ro-manian National Monument and UNESCO World Monument of the Humanity, on behalf of the Romanian National Institute for Building Research
1994-2002 – Co-founder co-responsible of the Meteo-Hydrological Centre of Liguria Region
1992 – Appointed by the Presidency of the Italian Cabinet as Responsible for the wind risk analyses of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Structure studies

He also conducted the study of several important structures (high-rise and low-rise buildings, towers and chimneys, bridges and footbridges, large roofs and canopies, thermoelectric power plants, cranes and dockers) and infrastructures (ports, airports, railways, wind farms, telescope ar-rays):

2016 Milis Greenhouse, Sardinia
2016 Containers at VTE, Genova
2015 ILVA Mineral Coalpit Roofing, Taranto
2015 Cladding of Hadid Tower, Milan
2014 ILVA Mineral Parc Roofing, Taranto
2014 Telescope at Armazones, Chile
2014 Telescope at La Palma, Canarie, Spain
2013 Cherenkov Telescope Array, Aar, Namibia
2013 Telescope SST, Serra La Nave, Mount Etna, Catania
2013 Odéon Tower, Montecarlo
2012 Sail Competitions, London Olympic Games
2011 Terraces Comfort, Varesine, Milano
2011 Marchetti Viaduct, Piemonte
2011 Pedestrian Footbridge on Via De Gasperi, Milano
2011 Superframe of Building 11, Varesine, Milano
2010 Superframe of Building 12, Varesine, Milano
2010 “Sail” Canopy, Portello Quartier, Milano
2010 “Table” Canopy, Portello Quartier, Milano
2010 Pedestrian Footbridge on Viale Serra, Milano
2010 Technological Park of Erzelli, Genova
2010 ANAS Code of Practice
2009 Nuvola, EUR, Roma
2009 Bastia Harbour, Corsica
2009 Livorno Harbour
2009 La Spezia Harbour
2009 Savona and Vado Ligure Harbours
2009 Genova Harbour
2009 Reggio Emilia HS railway station
2009 Milan-Turin HS/HC railway line
2008-2009 Liceo Darwin, Rivoli, Turin
2008-2009 Florence-Bologne HS/HC railway line
2008-2009 Naples-Salerno HS/HC railway line
2008-2009 Milan-Bologne HS/HC railway line
2008 San Paolo Tower, Torino
2007 Calata Sanità containers
2007 B Pavillon of Ente Fiera of Genova
2006 Telecommunication pole, Arzergrande
2006-2010 Isozaki A Tower in the historical quarter of Milan Fair area
2006 Hadid B Tower in the historical quarter of Milan Fair area
2006 Libeskind C Tower in the historical quarter of Milan Fair area
2006 Historical quarter of Milan Fair area
2005-2006 Cornigliano tanks, Genova
2005-2006 Rome-Naples HS/HC railway line
2005 Brindisi harbour area
2005 Footbridge, Palermo
2005 VEGA Rocket, French Guyana
2004 Railways between Andora, Savona, and San Lorenzo a Mare, Imperia
2004 Messina Straits Bridge
2002-2008 Closed Circuit Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, Genoa
2002-2003 ENEL power station, Priolo Gargallo, Siracusa
2002-2003 ENEL power station, La Casella, Piacenza
2002-2003 Block 1 steel chimney, Ballylumford, Ireland
2002-2003 Alberga Airport, Imperia
2002 ENEL power station, La Spezia
2002 Brancusi Endless Column, Targu-Jiu, Rumania
2001-2002 Low-rise factory, Sesto San Giovanni, Milan
2001 ENEL power station, Porto Corsini, Ravenna
1999-2000 Cranes and Dockers, Ceretti & Tanfani, Italy
1999-2000 Cable cars, Ceretti & Tanfani, Italy
1999 Harbour of Vado Ligure, Savona
1998 Poles and monotubular towers, ACS-ACAI Services, Italy
1997-1998 Offshore wind farm, Genoa
1997 Dockers, Ponte Libia, Genoa
1996-1997 Low-rise factory, Campiglia Marittima
1996 Rio Coello Bridge, Colombia
1995-2002 Meteo-Hydrological Centre, Liguria Region
1993-1994 Leaning Tower of Pisa
1992-1993 Telecommunication Tower, Cologno Monzese, Milan
1992-1993 Light poles, Corso Italia, Genoa
1992 Testero Tower, San Benigno, Genoa
1992 Messina Straits Bridge
1992 Directional Centre, Alghero
1991 Italian Antarctic Base, Antartica
1990-1992 Grande Bigo, Genoa
1990 Telecommunication Tower, San Michele Extra, Verona
1990 Dockers, Calata Sanità, Genoa
1989 Telecommunication Centre, Rozzano, Milan
1987 Railways between Milan and Bologna
1986 South Tower, San Benigno, Genoa
1985-1992 Park Tower, Milan
1985-1986 Corte Lambruschini, Genoa
1985 Sport Palace, Milan
1985 Municipal Stadium, Turin
1984-1987 Centergross, Bologna
1982 G. Carlini Stadium, Genoa